VA Steam and Gas, Antique Tractor shows, old Iron in Virginia

August 8, 2002 update!

Someone was kind enough to foreword me a website- just click on - that has Antique Tractor show listings for eastern US States! That means that I won't hafta continue this webpage, because anytime you find my page, you can just continue on to these fine folks  for the latest Old Iron Antique Tractor Restoration Show listings! I suspect this is a new website, since I haven't come across it before, but I'm sure it'll show up in search engines soon. But what really stinks is that I just learned we missed the show at Bridgewater July 17-20 - 2002 - the one that prompted me to make this web page - once again because THERE HAS BEEN NO EASY TO FIND ONLINE TRACTOR SHOW DIRECTORY!

Nobody else seemed to have a calendar of Virginia Steam, Gas, and Antique Tractor shows in VA, so I started one in hopes of helping lost souls trying to find tractor shows like myself. email  me any links to tractor show listings, and I'll add a link to their calendar of tractor shows.


Soooo- From now on, just click here:


or here:



A typical plea for more information on tractor shows-

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Sent: Sunday, August 11, 2002 8:32 AM
Subject: Pasture party

> I was trying to get information as to times, charges, etc for your Somerset
> show.  The two websites your are directing people to just have dates and
> possibly an email contact.  Do you have a flyer on line with information,
> directions, etc.?

Seems like an obvious thing for them to provide, doesn't it? It is not my show- I just made this webpage- hastily, I might add - to try to gather information like this. Unfortunately, I have heard from only one person from one show, and am now too busy to make this a complete tractor show website.
Your email is typical of the kind of questions I get about these shows. Why don't show organizers put information on line so people like us will know a few basic facts and can attend? Surely they have folks calling them to find out things about these shows. All they would need to do is write down the answers to the common questions, and add it to their websites. I can only conclude that they don't really care much about if anyone attends these things. It would be ironic if they were spending money advertising and they don't even take advantage of the web, which is essentially free advertising for them.
But they don't bother to let us in on the details of their shows. I have yet to come across any information online. 
So they sent me information on this show! But, true to tractor show organizer form, it came with a non-working link to their website. But here is the information anyway:


August 23, 24, 25, 2002
26th Annual Pasture Party
Featuring:  Antique Steam & Gas Engines
Old World Arts & Crafts
Antique Equipment of all Kinds
Antique Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles
Live Country Bands  ~  A fun family event for all ages!
Sponsored by the Somerset Steam & Gas Engine Association
Somerset, Virginia is in the center of some of the most
beautiful farming country in the state.
$4.00 Donation per person, Under 12 Free
Free Shuttle  ~  Exhibitors Free  ~  Free Parking  
The Showgrounds are near the intersection of Rt. 20 and Rt. 231
Somerset Steam & Gas Engine Assoc.
P.O. Box 492, Somerset, VA  22972
Phone:  (540) 672-2495, (540) 672-3492
Annual dues only $7.00




A Harvest Festival Tractor Show -

The show is about 12 miles off of I-95 it is a harvest festival this will be its 5 year.  We have a small but growing tractor show, last year we had about 40 tractors there.  Also there is an antique car show, vendors, food & much more.  You are invited to come down to visit the show, if you would like to bring some tractors to the show please give us a call at 804-633-9249. The show will be October 19 2002.


Old Dominion Gas Engine and Tractor show  

Warrenton, VA

June 7,8, 9 2002 will be held at the Fauquier Co. Fair Grounds.  We would appreciate it if you would pass this info around and ask vendors and parts swappers to give us a call for reservations at 540-439-3978 Ask for John. John E King <>


The Hanover Historic Machinery Club - 12th Annual Antique Farm Machinery
Show & Pull
At the Hanover/Cold Harbor Ruritan Park (Off Rt. 360, Mechanicsville, VA) -
August 3-4, 2002.

26th Annual Pasture Party, Somerset, Va. - August 23-25, 2002.

Field Day of the Past, Rockville/Centerville, Va. (Near Richmond) -
September 20-22, 2002.

Thanks to Gwen and Charles Duncan for letting me know about these! Wish we had contact information too...

2001- Somerset Steam and Gas show, Somerset, VA- (waiting for someone to tell me when and exactly where!)


2001- 24-26 Somerset Steam and Gas Pasture Party (540) 672-3429
Fairfield View Dairy Farm-8am-6pm each day. 
Demonstrations of antique steam engines and tractors, food, bands, crafts, and more. 
Rt. 231 between Rt. 20 and Rt. 33 - Somerset.

There is an extensive listing of Tractor shows on the "Shows in 2000" web page, but even this 
doesn't give directions. Surely someone must have gone to at least a little trouble to organize each show. I am baffled that they can't provide a little write up with directions for each show, each one on it's own web page like this, and actually containing useful information so people can actually know where and when to go to see it.. 

Rockingham County Fair , Rockingham County, VA (Boy, I hope they didn't pay too much for this almost pointless website! No directions, almost no pages of information about what's at the fair. My page may be rather simple, but at least I intend to include useful information as soon as all my viewers email me the info.)


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Looking for input on more VA antique tractor shows!


Updated 3/12/02. 

Please help me by emailing me about tractor shows you know of and I will post them here! BE SURE TO PUT "TRACTOR SHOW" IN THE SUBJECT LINE OR ELSE I WILL LOSE YOUR EMAIL.

Better yet, somebody make up a complete listing and I'll just link to it from this page.

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