Unvented Gas Log Heater, L. P. Gas Model 


December 2001-


Again we try to start our Propane gas log heater, and again we are reminded what a piece of junk we bought. Starting requires leaving the propane on for at least a few hours before we can hope to get it to ignite with less than about 10 tries at the piezo igniter built into the on/off control knob.


This thing is made by:


Harris Systems Inc.
3501 W Howard St
Skokie, IL 60076


And I strongly caution against buying one, as it takes quite a while to get it lit. It won't work to use a torch nor match since it has some sort of safety device built in. A highly inconvenient heater at best.

They make:

UC-181N, UC-241N, UE-181N, UE-241L, UN181N, UN-241N


UC-181L, UC-241L, UE-181L, UE-241L, UN-181L, UN-241L

CFM Majestic Products is apparently a part of this company, or vice versa.

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