Compaq Computer Memory- My Compaq Computer User Memory Adding Nightmare

Compaq Memory is very expensive, unnecessarily difficult  to install, and the computer is slow.


I tried adding memory to my Compaq 7360 (I own 2) only to find it was not as simple as just plugging in memory. Admittedly, my computer experience is limited to my trusty old Tiger Computer with Windows 95, over 2 years old with an unglamorous Intel Pentium 200 MMX processor. It never gave me any trouble I didn't deserve, other than a pooped out C-mos battery. My Compaq with Windows 98 with 64 megs of Ram seems a bunch slower then my 200MMX Tiger with windows 95. 

64 megs of ram for Compaq costs a whopping $112.99, but  for Tiger Systemax only $39.99. I realized this after I bought 2 Compaq computers. Making  matters worse, my Compaq manual reads:

NOTE: If you use non-Compaq memory modules, you must ensure they are installed by a Compaq Authorized Service Provider to preserve you Warranty rights.

Helpful, Aren't they?

Adding memory to my old 200mmx computer involved ordering memory, opening it up and plugging it in.

Not so my Compaq 7360. Looking at the manual, it made it look like just as simple an operation, but was disappointed to find the memory slot hidden behind a disc drive, a large cluster of wires, and assorted other goodies:

Where the memory goes- Behind all this!

Surely they consider Compaq owners will add memory, this is a common thing for users to do themselves, and they will make it easy for us.

Wrong. There was no way I was going to get past all this stuff and plug in my memory. Indeed the job required unplugging a disc drive and it's associated sheet metal carrier. So I removed two screws, disconnecting the carrier, and found that there would be no removing it without removing the plastic computer facade. As near as I can see, this item serves absolutely no purpose other than for looks. So I figured I would remove it so I could move the steel carrier and disc drive, plug in my memory, and then put it all back together:

Orange Arrow- Carrier with the disc drive I needed to move aside. 
Blue Arrow- Plastic cover I needed to move away from the Steel carrier

So I removed a screw, pushed back 4 little plastic clips, and found it still wouldn't budge. 

So I tried slipping the memory under anyway, unsuccessfully. It was all but impossible to get lined up and installed gripping it by 1" of exposed end and trying to push it into place that way.

So admitting defeat, I thought that at least I should let fellow computer users know that it is a much better deal to get something like a computer with a full size (not mini) case for easier instead of impossible maintenance.

The moral of the story-

I wish I had known this before I bought. Compaq Memory is very expensive, unnecessarily difficult  to install, and my Compaq computer is slow to start with. So I put this webpage together in hopes of educating others. Being a small case design didn't help any. But no mention was made of the extra disassembly required in the Compaq owners manual under "adding memory".