Kamlar Pine Bark Nursery potting composted bark

If you are considering buying anything from the folks at Kamlar in North Carolina, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST BEFORE YOU SEND THEM ANY MONEY!

April 26, 2010- I just got a trailer load of Pine Bark from Kamlar that I had sent a check for$2,223.00 for an 80 yard tractor trailer load of pine bark so I could transplant my Rhododendrons into it, expecting the usual high- quality composted Pine Bark Kamlar has been noted for for over 20 years, but folks at Kamlar Corporation in Rocky Mount, NC. Instead, they delivered a load of totally unusable* FRESH, DRY PINE PARK instead!

If you are a commercial customer of Kamlar, please email me with your KAMLAR Corp. experience, good or bad so I can spread the word and hopefully help someone else from getting stuck dealing with these folks.

*For those not familiar with the plant nursery industry, to grow in pine bark, it has to be composted for at least several months in order to absorb moisture; fresh pine bark won't hold moisture or support plant growth; in fact, it tends to shed water so when you try to water your plants it runs right through without really wetting the bark or holding enough to do the roots any good.

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I strongly suggest you look at other suppliers, such as:

www.garick.com in Kennesaw , GA