Wanted to buy as of March, 2010-

Used John Deere 855 tractor with 52 Loader, any condition, must be reasonably priced

I want this for parts since I really like mine and it's getting older. Not really interested in other models. A good working machine would be even better. Needs to be close to Central Virginia, West coast location is too far away!

If you happen to know where I can get a replacement cylinder for the 52 loader bucket, or at least a replacement cylinder piston rod for the loader bucket, or updated parts numbers, please let me know since the dealer says they don't make replacement cylinders any more and we'd have to send it off to get the loader bucket cylinder piston rod remanufactured and I rather find a good used one or a source of aftermarket used cylinders. I am looking for John Deere part numbers:

PT13375 Hydraulic Cylinder

PT13409 rod, Cylinder for 755 & 855 loader bucket

These are the part numbers from the parts list that came with the loader.

Thanks a bunch! Email me if you can help, I really appreciate it.



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